Board Bios

JZonooziJamshid Zonoozi – President

Jim has been very active as a volunteer in helping make Milwaukee a great place to live. He currently heads up a neighborhood organization to help improve his neighborhood called the Norwood Neighborhood Group. He has been leading this group since 2008. He conducts neighborhood meetings, host events, connects his neighborhood to community projects, and works with local government officials to help improve the quality of life in his neighborhood.  Jim does this work out of love for his community and the city of Milwaukee. He is also involved in many other community building projects but is really excited on the idea of helping the kids in his community and around the United States to also enjoy the great sport of table tennis.

Paul Scobey – Secretary

Paul Scobey is a retired UWM administrator and is now an active volunteer for the Meals on Wheels division of Horizon Health Care and works with  Shoreline Interfaith, driving older adults to their appointments. He enjoys family activities with his grandchildren and likes to play softball in the summer. He has been a board member since joining the club in 2006. He started playing table tennis in the 50’s and got back into it about 10 years ago in the Senior Olympics.

Jacek Odoner – Board Member

LSrankoLadislav (Latso) Sranko – Board Member

Coach Latso was born in Slovakia. He started to play table tennis at the age of 9.  He played in extra league and national league in Czechoslovakia and Slovakia. He started to coach young beginner players in Lokomotiva Kosice in 1983. Latso also coached Men’s team in 1990-1992, and Youth Girls’ team and Women’s team in 1992-1996. In 1995, he co-coached Slovakian High School Table Tennis Team which finished in the 3rd place at the World High School Championship in Belgium. After moving to USA in 1995, Latso stopped playing and coaching table tennis. However, he started playing and coaching when he came to Milwaukee Table Tennis Club in 2011. Latso graduated from the University of Aviation in Slovakia.  He learned coaching in school in Slovakia. He obtained the second level of coaching certificate for table tennis.

Leo Cai – Board Member

Jakub Lepold – Board Member

Scott Herrick – Board Member