Badger Open Online Registration

The online Registration for the Badger Open is now live. Click here to begin. If you have any issues, please email mike.bernhard83[at]

Just a reminder that entries after September 1st include a $10 late fee, so get your entries in now!


  1. Joel DesArmo says:

    great website! in future could you add visa/mastercard or maybe google checkout/wallet. i think the charge to merchants using google checkout would only be under $1. you could always add a $1 payment processing charge if you were concerned about losing the $1, although I would just eat it as a business expense like 99% of merchants do. i don’t have paypal so I’m mailing in my registration today.

    • Hi Joel, Thanks for the comments. We appreciate the feedback and we are going to re-evaluate our shopping cart vendors after the Badger Open. I might be wrong, but I think there is a way to pay via credit card on Paypal as well, however I have not done it myself. Again thanks for the feedback!

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