Brewcity Giant RR Player List as of 12/3

Please contact Linda if you do not see yourself on this list. Entries close on Wednesday 12/4 at Midnight.



  1. David Feerst says:

    Any ideas how the O1450 groups will be divided? I.e 7-7-6-6??
    Just curious. See you Saturday

    • Mike Bernhard says:

      Hi David – The groups have not been finalized yet, but we will do our best so that there are at least 7 in each group.

      • Doug Wruck says:

        I agree, it will be easy to set it up so there are no less than 7 in a round robin. Any number of players can be divided up so there are 7-9 players in each group. David, in your example of 26 players, it would be more likely to have 8 in one group and 9 in the other two.

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