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Milwaukee Table Tennis Club features 15 high quality tables in a newly renovated 7,000 sq. ft. gym just minutes from downtown Milwaukee. We offer tournaments, leagues, coaching and much more.

Our mission is to promote the life-long sport of table tennis for all ages and skill levels.

League – Get Ready ! Saturday is Coming !

Saturday March 25th, 1 PM at West Allis will have next League Tournament.
From February through July, you have the opportunity to play with the best Milwaukee players.
It is simple to participate: Sign up at the door and play to improve your game or just to have fun at the table. If you are very competitive, you can still get commit and sign up for all season and have a very special fee.

The first League on February 25th, was very competitive.
Some players get very nervous and played very agressive but at the end, a lot of fun and the prevail friendship.
Latso had a hard time to beat Jim Z at the end while Doug Wruck and Jim Gablemam “fought” for the 3rd place on the 1st division.
Some players are improving fast and surprised some experient players at the 1st round of the competition.
Can they do it again? Saturday, we will see next chapter! Join us !!!

State Championship

Get ready for State Championship.
On April 29th we are waiting for the best Wisconsin players.
Find the flyer and more information on the following link: ttwisconsinchampionship2017.
Prepare your Paddle and Practice!

Twice Platinum

Scott Herrick is twice Platinum!
Platinum Member and Diamond as a Friend!
One of the most consistent member of Milwaukee TTC, Scott has training hard to improve his game and rise his rating but above that, helping make the MTTC grow as a Board Director.
We are honnored to have you as a member and hopefully have your friendship forever.

West Allis – Place for good matches and friendship

On weekends MTTC has been very busy at our location in West Allis. The best players in the Milwaukee area come every Saturday and Sunday to practice and improve their game style. More important than that, they come to have a nice time and build friendships. With six hours of play on Saturdays and three hours on Sundays, there is plenty of time to solidify your techniques and get some great exercise. We will be offering competitive league play on Saturdays once a month beginning on February 25th. Table tennis activates more endorphins in your brain than any other sport and helps prepare your mind and body for a good work week.

JOIN US! It will be a pleasure to have you as a member and player of MTTC.